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2nd Joint Interregional Seminar and Study Visit

16th - 17th April 2013, Budapest (HU) 

The 2nd JIS and Study visit of the INNOCRAFTS project took place in Budapest on 16th and 17th of April 2013. The event, organized by the Budapest Enterprise Agency,  was dedicated to the theme “Access to innovation design and financial assistance to SMEs” and represented the starting point of the 2nd cycle  of experience exchange process among project partners. Overall , 13 good practices were presented to a public that besides partners of the project included the Budapest City Authorities, local stakeholders and experts from involved regions.  As described by the thematic title of the seminar, the focus was put on the challenge of innovation in the artistic and contemporary crafts sector. Although many directions and drivers of innovation have been identified, the event highlighted mainly  the product and process innovation and the technical, organizational and financial drivers.  After completing the event’s agenda with good practices provided by partners, professor Xavier Greffe, moderator and expert of the experience exchange process, described the seminar in the following way:

“The research of new process and production schemes, even on a small scale, will be a major issue. Answering to this challenge may be organized both at the local and national level. This is why we shall mix examples of new drivers organized at the national level with new processes organized at the local level. But whatever the level considered we shall try and identify the factors that make innovation possible or not.”

The 2nd cycle of the learning process will continue  with the 2nd Interregional Training Session that will take place next June in Turku (Finland). The event will be hosted by project partner, Aalto University School of Art and Design.  The conclusions will be drawn soon after this second event, providing the involved stakeholders with another good practice guide, collecting those experiences with high potential of transferability in respective territories. 



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