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Intermediate Dissemination Event

28th - 29th May 2013, Bistrita (RO)


The intermediate dissemination conference took place in May in Bistrita (RO) . The conference brought to the attention of participants the first results achieved during the first and a half year of INNOCRAFTS project. Besides the project partners, it was attended by great number of local craftsmen that were eager to exchange experiences brought to attention and discussed about the possibility to transfer the most suitable ones in their territory.  In occasion of the conference, the Major of Bistirta, Ovidiu Teodor Creţu signed the Editorial of the 3rd Newsletter, quoted integrally hereinafter:

Bistriţa Municipality has initiated a major process of revitalization of the cultural values that shape the distinct identity of the city, that of a medieval borough, part of the seven former medieval fortresses built in Transilvania by the Saxons, known as “Siebenburgen”.

Thus, the city with its hundreds of years of history is rejuvenated through the urban revival projects, as well as contemporary art exhibitions and fairs hosted by the city. In this context, supporting and preserving the local crafts, which derive from the historical past, is an essential part of the approach initiated by Bistriţa Municipality.

This was the particular reason that aroused the interest of the municipality in joining the INNOCRAFTS project partners and benefit from their expertise in the development of entrepreneurship among young craftsmen and of support mechanisms for them.

Bistriţa Municipality had the honor to host the Dissemination Event of the INNOCRAFTS project during 28-29th of May, an event during which the project partners were joined by local experts and craftsmen, in order to ensure direct involvement of the stakeholders in the process of local transfer of some good practices and initiatives presented, which is, ultimately, the goal of the INNOCRAFTS project.

During the two days of the event, we debated the partners’ examples of good practices and the initiatives to promote the arts and crafts sector which would have the potential to be transferred to our city. The roundtable discussions were pursued in a more specific, practical manner during the study visit organized at the Center of traditional art “Casa cu lei”.

We consider the event a real success for the city, being a first step in the process of raising awareness amoung the stakeholdersin the arts and crafts sector over the importance of innovation in the transition from an archaic craft to a contemporary one, that invites to the descovery of the old Bistriţa, projecting a future image of the city in close touch with nature and traditions.



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