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6th Interregional Training Session and Study Visit

17th - 20th June 2014, RIGA (LV)


The last meeting of Innocrafts, that will lead to the final conference in Florence scheduled in october 2014, was held in Riga (LV) the largest city of the Baltic states, at the "Maza Gilde", an historical building situated in the centre of the city originally used by the chamber of craftsmen as a meeting point.
The official welcome of the Riga city council was brought to the partners by the Deputy Mayor  Andris Amerkis.
7 good practices centered on the theme of Promotion of entrepreneurship among specific target groups were presented during the morning session of wednesday:
The local enterprise "Ambline" presented its production based on an original textile product realized with amber fiber. The presentation of Artex of "Bottega scuola" focused on the importance of rising the interest among young generation towards the field of artistic craftsmanship. The National Associacion of Italian Municipalities Tuscany presented "The TEXMEDIN" a design challenge whose main objectives are to find a common way to preserve and digitalize textile heritage, integrating tradition with fashion and design know-how. The National Institute of Arts and Crafts (FR) presented the business incubator project "Union des couveuses". Then was the turn of the Public Foundation "the Legacy of al-Andalus", with a project aimed at the creation of jobs in critic sector to fight against job insecurity. 
The municipality of  Florence presented "Contemporaneamente" a cultural and artistic event that brings together citizens tourists and craftsman in open temporary shops where it is possible to see craftmans work and their production.

The afternoon session comprised several study visits. Partners visited the "Maza Gilde" studios and the Latvian National Costumes Centre "Sena klets", fashion house "Salons A",  Folk applied art studio "Barbele" and the design concept studio Dandelion".

The second day, after the Project Steering Group Meeting, five more good practices centered on the fourth theme of Innocrafts were presented: Region Femme, by the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and industry, Art Pauma, by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcellona, Crafted by the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland, TheYouth Entrepreneurship Market and the Study Enterprise by the Burgas Municipality, and "The development of the arts and crafts tourism offer" by Reims city council.

During the afternoon, the group had the opportunity to visit the Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum and assist to several crafts workshops.


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