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INNOCRAFTS Final Conference

Crafts Connections and Talks - New Challenges for the Competitiveness and the Globalization

28th October 2014

Sala Brunelleschi - Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Florence (IT)

The final conference of Innocrafts Project "Crafts Connections and Talks New Challenges for the Competitiveness and Globalization" was held in Florence at the Palagio di Parte Guelfa on 28th of October 2014. The official welcome together with the wish of future developments of an effective collaboration among partners was brought by the Florence City Council to the participants coming from over 15 countries.

The conference aimed at resuming and give visibility to what has emerged after 3 years of interregional collaboration among partners and stakeholders. The works of the final conference have been a clear opportunity to discuss together on many topics and issues and that will fit in the local policy and interventions agenda of most Innocrafts partners in the following years.

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00 Conference Agenda.pdf 111 KB10/11/2014
1 The INTERREG lVC Programme - Michel Lamblin.pdf 1.34 MB10/11/2014
3 Innocrafts Project - Lucia De Siervo.pdf 696 KB10/11/2014
4 Innocrafts New Challenges for Competitiveness and Globalisation - Enrica Paoletti.pdf 468 KB10/11/2014
5 Genius Loci - Giuseppe Furlanis.pdf 11.7 MB10/11/2014
8 Business Innovation and Craft in Context - Annie Warburton.pdf 3.20 MB10/11/2014
9 Strategies for Innovation in ACC Sector - Elisa Guidi.pdf 977 KB10/11/2014
11 UNESCOS Creative Cities - Carlo Francini.pdf 3.59 MB10/11/2014
13 Social Media and New Technologies for the Artisans of the Future - Pilar Lebole.pdf 1.89 MB10/11/2014
14 ARTOUR - Ilaria Serafini.pdf 2.86 MB10/11/2014
15 Craft Workshops in the Routes of the Legacy of Al-Andalus- Frederic Reduron.pdf 6.31 MB10/11/2014
16 AVANTcrafts - Chiara Damiani.pdf 650 KB10/11/2014
17 CRAFTed - Polly Minett.pdf 3.68 MB10/11/2014
18 Antichi mestieri - Daniela Artini.pdf 2.36 MB10/11/2014
19 The New Tech-Oriented Generation of Craftsmen - Francesca Mazzocchi.pdf 1.41 MB10/11/2014
20 Shapeways Impact on Business Models - Pieter Limburg.pdf 7.76 MB10/11/2014
21 Taito Business Service - Marketta Luutonen.pdf 1.31 MB10/11/2014
22 Digital Excelence Florence Case Study - Gerri Martinuzzi.pdf 337 KB10/11/2014
23 Design and Innovation Experimental Projects - Brian Mc Gee.pdf 444 KB10/11/2014
24 Business Service Network Craft Design - Francesca Serra.pdf 6.35 MB10/11/2014
25 Innovation in Design and Materials of Crafts Enterprises - Julia Siz Pardo.pdf 10.4 MB10/11/2014

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